It would appear that most agents struggle to be open and honest. At Even Property we aren’t the same as most agents. We want your experience with us to be one of total transparency and for you to recognise that we are working for you; therefore we will make recommendations to you.

Not everything we will have to tell you will be positive, but it will be constructive. We won’t be secretive, or bombard you with lots of jargon. We will work with you, talk openly and have two way feedback. After all, we are in this together; we both have an interest in making our landlords investment work and creating a comfortable home for our tenants.

You will be given regular updates with details of everything associated with your property, from viewings, interest, feedback, maintenance / repairs, income and possible expenditure.

At Even Property we will also keep you up to date with the changing rules and regulations which relate to both you and your property.

All detailed in black and white, simple, clear and concise.

Why Even is Different

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